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Nature's OneLearn more about the DHA used in other formulas and why Martek Biosciences called
life’sDHA(tm) isn’t used in Baby’s Only Organic(r).

1. Sam Zeller, Ph.D. – Martek Biosciences Corporation, Food & Drug
Administration Agency Response Letter, GRAS Notice No. GRN 000137

2. US EPA Air Toxics Web Site

Cornucopia’s report on DHA & ARA that provides a tremendous amount of information about Martek
Biosciences’ life’sDHA, which is used in all other infant formulas.


4. Stang, J, Hoss, K, and Story, M. “Health statement made in infant formula advertisements in pregnancy and early parenting magazine,” ICAN. February, 2010(2): 16.

5. Austed N, et al, “Growth and Development in term infants fed long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids: A double-masked, randomized,
parallel, prospective, multivariate study,” Pediatrics, 108; 2:372-381.

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Suppl 1, S31-34.

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Congratulations! Barlean’s has been selected to receive the Real Food Moms Seal of Approval® for Barlean’s Omega Kids DHA Bubbles, Peach Mango Omega Swirl, Barleans Highest Lignan Flaxseed Oil, Barlean’s Coconut Oil and Barlean’s Forti-Flax.

Barlean’s Coconut Oil

Barlean’s Forti-Flax

Kids DHA Bubbles

Mango Peach Omega Swirl

Barleans Highest Lignan Flaxseed Oil

Key Lime Ultra High Potency Fish Oil

Omega Kids Mango Peach Fish Oil

Strawberry-Banana Flax Oil



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