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In the last twenty years, as a nation we have gone from averaging 2 hours of daily cooking time to 20 minutes total. There are more cook books and food shows and nutritional specialists than at any other time in modern history, and yet we are cooking less than we ever have….

Too much information to process and too little time for action ~ it’s no wonder we have questions!

Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for today’s real moms… to sift through the fads and latest research for you, while streamlining the timeless wisdom of natural eating and fundamental health.

We want you to feel confident about what to put on your family’s dinner table, and how to prepare it in the time that you have. In this section we offer you some shortcuts and real answers that will help you cut to the chase.

Real Food Moms offers a wide variety of tried and true recipes that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

One of our favorite all time meals is grilled chicken, kale crisps and sweet potato fries.

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